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On-Line Monitoring Device

Product Features

  • This device is completely self-contained, and does not affect the normal operation of the original operation and control of the circuit breaker;
  • The sensor life is up to 100, 000 cycles;
  • Reflect the running state of the circuit breaker in real-time manner;
  • Predict the potential failure and give sound and light alarm;
  • Compare the S/T curve during opening/closing with the envelope of the manufactured products to determine any change in features of the circuit breaker;
  • Make real-time monitoring on the opening and closing coils of the circuit breaker and play protective functions, and give alarm when the coil current is abnormal;
  • Automatically save the data and graphics on operating characteristics, and correspond to the operation time;
  • Allow with standard RS485/232 communication interface, and use modbus communication protocol to realize data transfer.

Changes brought by Online Monitoring

  • Achieve transition from regular & scheduled maintenance to condition-based maintenance;
  • Command the features and states of equipment in real-time manner;
  • Avoid excessive maintenance and running with fault;
  • Upload the equipment status on as-needed basis to the centralized control room.

Monitoring content

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