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Outdoor user boundary

Product Overview

  • When the internal of 10kV overhead distribution lines using T type wiring occur fault, the substation outlet switch protection will trip. If the fault is permanent in nature, and the substation reclosing is unsuccessful, an accident within the MV user boundary can result in outage of the entire power distribution lines.
  • The ZW139A-12 type outdoor user boundary vacuum circuit breaker is ideal for solving the above-mentioned extension accident. The outlet side of the device is internally built with zero-sequence current transformer, which is used in combination with the boundary controller. The T connection or the user terminal installed on the 10kV overhead distribution lines can automatically remove the single-phase ground fault and automatically isolate the phase-to-phase short-circuit fault to ensure the safe use of electricity by non-fault user.

Structural Characteristics

Superior Overall Structure

  • The body of the ZW139A-12 outdoor user boundary vacuum circuit breaker is used with box-type seal structure. The circuit breaker body is conveniently and flexibly mounted by either on-post lifting or seat mounting. The boundary controller is mounted below the circuit breaker, and connected with the boundary circuit breaker via the outdoor cable.

Flexible and Convenient Operation

  • The products have advantages of automatic energy storage, remote opening and closing, and also manual energy storage, and manual switching function, and can be connected directly to the voltage transformer via overhead line to output the rated voltage, and relayed via the terminal box on the side surfaces of the circuit breaker.

Excellent Insulation Properties

  • Vacuum interrupter is used for arc interruption and SF6 gas insulation. The line incoming and outgoing bushings are synthesized using epoxy resin and silicone rubber APG technology, allows adequate insulation distance between bushings, and safe and reliable operation.

Main Specifications and Technical Parameters

Main Specifications and Technical Parameters of Circuit Breaker

No. Description Unit Parameters
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated current A 630 1250
3 Rated frequency Hz 50
4 Rated operations of short-circuit breaking current (effective value) kA 20
5 Breaking operations of rated short-circuit current 30
6 Rated peak withstand current (peak) kA 50
7 Rated short-time withstand current (4S) kA 20
8 Rated short-circuit making current (peak) kA 50
9 1min power frequency withstand voltage (phase-to-phase, phase-to-ground/ fracture) kV 42/49
10 Lightning impulse withstand voltage peak (phase-to-phase, phase-to-ground/ fracture) kV 75/85
11 Mechanical life Number of cycles 10000
12 Rated operating sequence O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
13 Rated SF6 gas pressure (gauge pressure) Mpa “0”
14 SF6 gas annual leakage rate   ≤0.5%
15 Switch weight kg 140
16 Switch volume (including packaging box) 1300mm×900mm×880mm

Main Parameters for Boundary Controller

No. Description Specified value Remarks
1 Input Operating Voltage AC220V  
2 Input working voltage frequency 50Hz  
3 Allowable fluctuation for input working ±20%  
4 Total machine power consumption <10W  
5 Output voltage DC220V  
6 Output control contact capacity 5A  
7 AC phase current input value 0~50A Allowed saturation for secondary current of 35A or more
8 Sampling zero sequence current input value 0~9A Allowed saturation for primary current of 6A or more
9 Quick break protection current setting range 0.4~20A  
10 Over-current protection current setting range 0.2~8A  
11 Over-current protection operation delay time value 0.4~1000ms  
12 Zero-sequence protection current setting range 0.2~9A Zero sequence CT ratio of 20: 1
13 Zero-sequence protection operation delay time value 0~3600s Adjustable
14 Reclosing cycles 0~3 Adjustable
15 Time interval for 1st reclosing 0.3s~100s Adjustable
16 Time interval for 2nd and 3rd reclosing 5s~100s Adjustable
17 PDA remote control distance No less than 50m  
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