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Intelligent solid-insulation-embedded pole

Product Features

  • Tysen-KLD online monitoring technology is used for online monitoring of the mechanical properties of the circuit breaker;
  • Tysen-KLD modular spring operating mechanism technology is used to realize maintenance-free of mechanism;
  • Vacuum interrupter solid-insulation-embedded pole manufactured by joint venture is used to ensure stable quality and excellent performance;
  • The passivation surface treatment process of zinc-cobalt alloy hexavalent chromium in Malaysia shall be introduced, and the level of salt spray resistance test is up to 300 hrs;
  • The German INA customized copper-based high-pressure alloy oil-free bearings are used to achieve self-lubrication of drive mechanism;
  • Mechanical life of 30,000 cycles.

Structural Characteristics

  • The VPN-12 intelligent vacuum circuit breaker uses Tysen-KLD modular spring operating mechanism, used with JVs's solid-insulation-embedded pole products, of which features are: high dielectric strength, little influence by environmental factors, smaller contact surface areas between conductors, and low loop resistance; at the same time technical advantages and strict quality management system on products of joint venture.
  • The VPN-12 intelligent vacuum circuit breaker is applied with Tysen-KLD online monitoring technology to achieve real-time monitoring on the mechanical properties of the circuit breaker, which gives automatic alarm according to the relevant technical parameters monitored .
  • The product can be used alone, or alternatively incorporated in the mid-set switchgear and fixed switchgear.

Main Specifications and Technical Parameters

Main Specifications and Technical Parameters of Circuit Breaker

No. Description Unit Parameters
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated power frequency withstand voltage (1 min) kV 42/48
3 Rated lightning impulse/fracture withstand voltage (peak) kV 75/85
4 Rated frequency Hz 50
5 Rated current A 630
6 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 20 25 31.5 40
7 Rated short-circuit making current kA 50 63 80 100
8 Rated peak withstand current kA 50 63 80 100
9 Rated thermal stability current (effective value) kA 20 25 31.5 40
10 Rated short-circuit duration s 4
11 Rated operations of short-circuit breaking current Number of cycles 30 30 20
12 Mechanical life Number of cycles 30000 30000
13 Rated single/back to back capacitor bank breaking current A 630/400(40kA for 800/400)
14 Phase-to-phase mm below 1600A:210±1.5
above 2000A:275±1.5
15 Allowable wearing accumulation thickness of dynamic and static contacts mm 3
16 Time interval between opening of first and last phase of three phase circuit-breaker ms ≤ 2
17 Bouncing time of contactor closed ms ≤2(40kA≤3)
18 Opening time ms 20-50
19 Closing time ms 35-70
20 Rated operating sequence   0.3s 180s
180s 180s
21 Actuator corrosion resistance (salt spray test) h 300

Note: *4000A requires forced air cooling.
Data shall be prevailed by the final manufactured products.

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