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Tysen-SAE is committed to the smart grid distribution automation sector, and specialized in manufacturing the intelligent switching elements, instruments and their respective intelligence module and system devices in medium- and low-voltage transmission and distribution system, thereby offering customers with a variety of electrical power distribution systems and manufacturing technology solutions.

The Tysen-SAE successfully developed and manufactured China's first permanent magnet high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers by fully leveraging the achievements of the Nanjing Electric Power Automation Equipment Factory over the years and timely introduction of foreign inventions on permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker.

The fast-developing Tysen-SAE strives for perfection under the guidance of the business tenet of Self-discipline and Social Commitment, and constantly pursues innovation in scientific research. The company has been successively appraised as the Jiangsu Provincial High-Tech Enterprise, and the National High-Tech Enterprise.

The emergence of intelligent medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker in 2012 realized the intelligence of the primary switching device of the power grid, the circuit breaker has functions of real-time monitoring, analysis, and processing of the operating status data related to the switchgear, and two-way communication and information exchange with other devices. It can automatically adapt to changes of the power grid, environmental and control requirements so that the circuit breaker is always in its optimum operating conditions.

In the future, the Tysen-SAE will further expand into the field of intelligent automation backed up with the advanced technology and management experience of the Tysen-KLD Group in the sectors of new energy, power quality and optical technology, and will grow bigger and stronger rapidly in the field of intelligent automation.

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