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The Tysen SAE, developed from the Nanjing Electric Power Automation Equipment Factory (currently Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd.) founded in 2000 and later acquired by Tysen-KLD Group in 2015, is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. The company is committed to the smart grid distribution automation sector, and specialized in manufacturing the intelligent switching elements, instruments and their respective intelligence module and system devices in medium- and low-voltage transmission and distribution system, thereby offering customers with a variety of electrical power distribution systems and manufacturing technology solutions. In the future, the Tysen SAE will further expand into the field of intelligent automation backed up with the advanced technology and management experience of the Tysen-KLD Group in the sectors of new energy, power quality and optical technology, and will grow bigger and stronger rapidly in the field of intelligent automation.

Tysen SAE incorporates research achievements of international electrical techniques and independently develops leading core technology. Combing leading advantages in power electronic technology, Tysen SAE focuses on the research of basic theory and application technology in arc interruption technique, mechanical transmission efficiency and intelligent control and protection of low voltage circuit breaker regarding the development of low voltage components. Tysen SAE adopts multiple new material and technologies with various invention patents, meanwhile, first-class production and inspection equipment as well as advanced management philosophy provide strong support for long-term, secure and reliable operation of products to serve our clients. Product comprehensive technology is at world-class level which helps keep higher industrial advantages.

Setting foot on customers and serving customers are Tysen-SAE’s eternal commitments to the users!

In 1940
the Central Water Research Institute under the Government of the Republic of China incorporated the Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing & Test Factory in Chongqing;
In 1949
the Hydraulic Instrument Factory was relocated to Nanjing;
In 1979
renamed as the Nanjing Electric Power Automation Equipment General Factory (abbreviated as SAC), affiliated to the Ministry of Power of the People’s Republic of China;
In 1995
the SAE founded the SAE Intelligent Switch Engineering Department, the first domestic professional organization on application and research of permanent magnet technology, and later developed into the SAE Intelligent Switch Research Institute;
In 1998
the SAE successfully manufactured the first domestic permanent magnet high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker, and become China's first manufacturer eligible for production and sales of permanent magnetic switch;
In 1999
become the permanent magnet switch with the longest actual run time in domestic;
In 2001
the SAE Intelligent Switch Research Institute was renamed to the Nanjing SAE-XD Electric Co., Ltd.
In 2006
backed up by the strategic cooperation technically with Siemens.
In 2008
the new technology and new process are actively introduced from Germany, Japan and Malaysia, so that highly-reliable spring mechanism vacuum circuit breakers are successfully developed.
In 2009
researched and developed world first-class level products e.g. low-voltage air circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker, miniature circuit breaker, and dual-power circuit breaker;
In 2009
Since 2009,committed to the research and development of intelligent components, and the market application of MV cabinet intelligent control devices, on-line temperature monitoring devices and other intelligent products.
In 2010
the power monitoring and control instruments were launched to the market.
In 2015
the SAE-XD Electric Co., Ltd. was acquired by the Tysen-KLD Group, thereby bringing new strategic opportunity for the common development of the two companies.
In January 2016
he new company was renamed as the Tysen-SAE Electric Co., Ltd., which opened a new era of development for the company.
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