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Our pursuit

What Tysen-SAE pursues for is to realize the dreams of customers in the field of electrical automation, and become itself a world-class leader relying on our persevering and painstaking pursuit, and through our fighting spirit of ceaseless struggle, persistent problem-tackling, unremitting efforts, and long-term dedication.


The enterprising, loyalty and hard-working are the inherent requirements for sustainable growth of our undertakings, as well as the biggest wealth of Tysen-SAE. Among them, the loyalty can bring our company together more closely.


We shall extensively absorb the latest research results of the world scientific community, widely assimilate the latest research results in the field of electrical automation in the world, and keep open-minded in learning from the world's best corporate, and develop the leading core technology system on the basis of independence, and eventually have our own say in the world electrical automation field with our excellent products.


The employees should not put personal interests above all at any time and place, but instead should subject their personal interests to the interests of the state and enterprises. Selfishness, slacking, embezzlement, and exhibitionism are the most contemptible; and selflessness, aggression/pioneering, law-abiding/dedication and hardworking spirit are respectful.


We advocate forming community of shared interests consisting of the company, employees and customers, exploring scientific allocation mechanism, and giving consideration to the interests of customers and employees, but also the interests of suppliers, so that each person as well as each company in contact with Tysen-SAE can be appropriately returned.


Thought is the source of our strength, and all difficulties will be overcome by the human spirit. We are experienced in overcoming the difficulties. If we are able to tide over the early years of extreme difficulty, and defeat the difficulties in the start-up stage, why should we not build an even greater company in the future? As long as we remain ideologically the style of hard struggle, as long as we are united, and as long as we adhere to internal criticism and self-criticism, and unity of our friends, we will surely win greater victories in the shortest future.

Social Responsibility

The responsibility undertaking originates from the great dream, and such responsibility is rooted in the corporate cultures, which means re-energizing enterprise by hard work for our enterprise. Every one of us should indomitably struggle to his own life for the great prosperity of our motherland, and for the revitalization of the Chinese nation.

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