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Moulded case with residual

Applicable scope

  • NYKM2L series moulded case circuit breaker with residual current protection (hereafter referred to as circuit breakers), mainly applies to AC 50Hz, its rated insulating voltage is 800V, rated working voltage is 400V, the circuit from rated working current to 630A is used as infrequent transferring and infrequent motor start. Circuit breaker has overload, short circuit and under-voltage protection functions.
  • Circuit breaker has isolating function.

Main Characteristics

  • Residual current three-phase protection: NYKM2L circuit breaker realizes earth fault protection, current-leakage protection module’s working power source sampling of regular circuit breakers with residual current protection is 2-phase.
  • Adjustable at site: according to actual situations, rated residual action current I△n and residual current (non-delay and delay) can be adjustable at site;
  • Low-voltage protection: when phase voltage lowers to 50V, leakage protection module still can work normally;
  • With leakage alarm output function: when residual current of equipment or lines reach or exceed setting value, circuit breaker with leakage alarm unit module outputs one passive contact signal, and drives corresponding alarm device;
  • This circuit breaker has such characteristics as small volume, high breaking, short flashover and vibration resistance;
  • Circuit breakers can be installed vertically and horizontally;

Main Specifications and Technical Parameters

Main performance indicators of circuit breaker

Type NYKM2L-100 NYKM2L-225 NYKM2L-400 NYKM2L-630
Frame current Inm (A) 100 225 400 630
Rated current In(A) 16、20、25 、32、40 、50、63、80、100 100 、125、140 、160、180、200、225 225 、250 、315、350、400 400 、500、630
Number of poles 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V) AC800V
Rated working voltage Ue(V) AC400V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(V) AC8000V
Arcing distance (mm) 50 100
Breaking capacity level M H M H M H
Limit short-circuit breaking capacity Icu(kA) AC400V 35 85 35 85 65 65
Operation short-circuit breaking capacity Ics(kA) AC400V 22 50 22 50 42 42
Rated residual short-circuit making (breaking) capacity I△m (kA) 1/4Icu
Rated residual action current I△n(mA) Non-delay type 30/100/500、100/300/500 30/100/500、100/300/500 100/300/500 300/500/1000
Delay type 100/300/500 100/300/500 100/300/500 300/500/1000
Rated residual no action current I△no(mA) 1/2 I△n
Operational performance (times) Power on 1500 1000 1000 1000
Power off 8500 7000 4000 4000
Total times 10000 8000 5000 5000