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VPN intelligent solid-insulation-embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker

Main features of the products

  • Design, testing, and production fully in accordance with the technical requirements in the tendering documents of the State Grid
  • The passivation surface treatment process of zinc-cobalt alloy hexavalent chromium in Malaysia is introduced;
  • Salt spray test up to 300 hours for the mechanism, 10 times that for the normal product
  • The copper-based high-pressure oil-free bearings imported from German are used to achieve self-lubrication of drive mechanism

Main Technical Parameters

  • Rated voltage: 12kV
  • Rated current: 630-4000A
  • Rated short-circuit breaking: 20-40kA
  • Short-circuit breaking times: 20-30 times
  • Mechanism life: 30,000 cycles
  • Altitude: 1,000m


  • Mechanism: Modular spring operating mechanism
  • Vacuum interrupters: Cooperative Products
  • Insulation: Solid-insulation-embedded pole
  • On-line monitoring: Standard

Place of use

  • Critical Class I loads with extremely high requirements